For more than 100 years, ITI’s members have been creating new technologies in communities across the U.S. that have become a foundation for the economy and society, creating jobs and making the U.S. more innovative and competitive. To highlight how key policies support the technology industry, ITI’s President and CEO Jason Oxman is traveling across the country to visit ITI member companies and see the impact of innovation happening across America.   

Jason’s first stop was in Austin, Texas. There, he visited AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) and saw many of the groundbreaking technological advancements AMD has developed to help solve major challenges facing the world. AMD designs and develops semiconductors that support the larger tech ecosystem and are critical to supporting advancements in areas like healthcare, sustainability, entertainment, science, and automotive.  

Jason also toured Samsung’s semiconductor foundry in Austin. Jason learned more about Samsung’s investments in chips development in Texas and its world-class facility, which primarily focuses on the production of 14nm and 28/32nm chip technologies. This facility had a $6.3 billion total economic impact in Central Texas in 2021, supporting nearly 10,000 jobs. Samsung is scheduled to open a new semiconductor facility in Taylor, Texas in 2024 to expand its semiconductor manufacturing capabilities in the U.S.

On his final stop in Austin, Jason joined Dell for a tour of the Texas Advanced Computer Center (TACC) at the University of Texas at Austin, which designs and deploys computing technologies to power discoveries that change the world. TACC is a prime example of how public and private sector partnerships are critical in advanced computing. The tour of TACC highlighted its leading-edge resources in high performance computing, visualization, data analysis, storage, cloud, data-driven computing, connectivity, and more.

Through its partnership with Dell and other industry leaders, TACC helps address some of society’s most pressing challenges including combatting the COVID-19 pandemic, developing next generation weather forecasting, and exploring the depths of the universe.

You can learn more about how the tech industry is helping drive innovation and competition throughout the United States here and its impact in the state of Texas here. Stay tuned for the next Innovation Across America trip.