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On November 16, ITI hosted a discussion with U.S. and EU policymakers on the latest technology and policy solutions that will be critical in charting the future of artificial intelligence in the United States and around the world.

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Tech is a crucial ingredient to shared prosperity and a more equitable, secure society

Tech is essential to us leading better, healthier, more secure, and more productive lives. Good policy can make our lives better, ensure our economy is strong and support good jobs and opportunities in which innovation can flourish.

The tech industry supports policies that increase opportunity, protect consumer privacy, makes our networks and devices safer and protects our environment for future generations.

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The technology industry accounts for 11.8 million U.S. jobs

Technology helps our communities flourish and provides solutions to some of our most complex issues. Finding opportunities where others see challenges.

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There will be an estimated 15.4 million DDos attacks by 2023, according to Cisco.

The systems that connect us and our economies must be secure. Technology ensures that consumers, industries and governments have trust and confidence in putting information and conducting business online.

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Equity & Opportunity


STEM-related jobs are expected to grow 8% by 2029, compared with 3.7% for all occupations. according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

A diversity of voices and viewpoints is the cornerstone of tech development. Tech depends upon diverse voices and experiences to provide equity and enhanced accessibility to all.

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Tech across the counrty

Tech companies contribute to communities across the United States in unique ways including increased economic opportunities. Check out our interactive map to see how tech has benefited your state.

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