The tech industry supports policies that increase opportunity, protect consumer privacy, make our networks and devices safer and protect our environment for future generations.

  • Viability
  • Security
  • Equity &


The world around us is constantly changing, and it’s important that industries across our economies work together to deal with some of today’s most critical issues that challenge progress. The technology industry is doing just that by working with professionals across industries like healthcare, education, and energy to innovate and work toward technology solutions that will forge the path toward a better and more viable tomorrow.


Technology is connecting people more than ever before. With that comes a responsibility to ensure all users are protected from bad actors as they benefit from the full power of the most exciting and important innovations. Learn more about how the technology industry is staying a step ahead of bad actors by keeping security as a top priority.

Equity & Opportunity

Innovation in technology depends upon the inclusion of diverse voices to ensure that the benefits of the innovation economy are equitable. Tech companies are working with policymakers to close gender, racial, and socio-economic gaps in the STEM field by enabling targeted investment in communities and schools nationwide.

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