As our world constantly changes around us, technology is there to ensure we are staying connected to one another, to education, to health care, to economic opportunity and to our communities. 

Technology is helping shape our future by developing energy-efficient solutions and modernizing our electric grid. During the COVID-19 pandemic, technology linked our families, schools and businesses together and maintained vital links that helped us stay connected.

Tech companies support smart policies, such as increased funding for STEM education and expanded access to affordable high-speed broadband. We must prepare students and our workforce with the skills and resources necessary to meet tomorrow’s demands.

Solar panels on a roof

Support Policies to Combat Climate Change

ITI members are committed to reducing their own carbon emissions and recognize their vital part in decarbonization throughout products’ lifecycles and among other sectors that rely on tech.

Climate change is a crisis that requires an immediate and meaningful global response from all sectors of society. Information and communications technology can play an important role in combatting climate change by applying technology products and services across our value chain and sharing best practices.

ITI strongly supports international cooperation and partnership on addressing climate change, and welcomed the United States’ re-entry into the Paris Agreement of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. We also support the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as part of climate change solutions and social equity.