Technology provides critical services and economic opportunities to communities across the U.S. in unique ways. As part of ITI’s Bridge for Innovation campaign, we are highlighting innovation across America. ITI’s President and CEO Jason Oxman toured ITI members’ innovative and impactful work in Minnesota.

Jason’s first stop was in Bloomington, Minnesota, where he visited Seagate’s operations and wafer fabrication in action. Seagate manufactures innovative and advanced hard drives that enable technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and high-performance computing.

He also visited Medtronic’s Operational Headquarters in Fridley, Minnesota. There he learned about the groundbreaking healthcare technology solutions being developed at Medtronic. Medtronic uses data-driven solutions to improve health and health care for communities across the United States.

You can learn more about how the tech industry is helping drive innovation and competition throughout the United States here and its impact in the state of Minnesota. Stay tuned for the next Innovation Across America trip.