Honeywell and Twitter have found that utilizing the tools Salesforce offers has not only allowed their businesses to continue operating during the pandemic but have also found ways to continue to innovate and improve their business for both employees and consumers via remote options. With Salesforce, Honeywell has been able to meet their customer’s needs along with the technical requirements for their support staff with the flexibility that the changing nature of Covid has required. Twitter has been able to utilize Salesforce in order to transform its business operations which has allowed them to learn from the data they collect to spot trends early, adjust strategies to stay close to its customers, and improve sales, marketing, and HR outcomes.

The future of innovation is coming at an increasingly fast pace, and tech companies – the bridge for innovation – can work together as Salesforce, Honeywell, and Twitter have to continue to build new tools that we can all utilize to overcome the challenges of our time.

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