The technology industry believes the online world should be a secure place for everyone.  

Strong, responsive online security is critical to ensuring that consumers, industries and governments have trust and confidence in placing information online and conducting business. Technology companies are working cooperatively to ensure threat intelligence is shared promptly within the public and private sectors to minimize disruptions, thwart cyber attackers and protect consumers, businesses and organizations. The industry is innovating and producing new technologies—including machine learning and AI-powered systems—to more quickly identify, stop and defend U.S. networks and infrastructure to minimize the disruption of cyberattacks.

A security system engineer on a laptop identifies a problem near servers

Good policy means expanding federal cybersecurity investments to ensure secure and resilient networks will protect critical national infrastructure such as the electrical grid and water supply, and the government’s own technology infrastructure. It means creating an environment that supports regular threat intelligence and information sharing practices within the private sector and with federal agencies as appropriate as well as encouraging strong federal leadership to oversee streamlined government efforts to improve cybersecurity and supply chain resilience.