Looking for new ways to keep internet users and data safe, leading cybersecurity companies formed the Cyber Threat Alliance to make it easier for otherwise fierce competitors to share threat intelligence information with each other to help keep everyone safer from attacks.

Palo Alto Networks and Fortinet were founding members of CTA in 2014 and those companies were soon joined by other large cyber companies, including Cisco and McAfee. The nonprofit organization has grown to 34 private sector members as well as partnerships with other cyber nonprofits and public sector industry groups seeking to improve the security of networks around the globe.

Member companies share actionable threat intelligence data in a timely manner so other companies can prevent, identify and disrupt attacks. CTA is actively growing around the globe and building diverse partnerships with information sharing and computer emergency responses teams across all sectors.

Organizations like CTA are incredibly important for helping protect US networks and consumers. Timely threat intelligence sharing can help keep the entire online ecosystem safer from ever-changing attacks from nation-states or cybercriminals.