Keysight uses its after-school program to enhance children’s STEM education with a series of hands-on science projects. Students design and work with engaging scientific technology including electronic-circuit games, balloon-powered cars, clean water engineering, weather stations and more.

Keysight provides funding and volunteers for the program at no cost to students and participating organizations. Students are able to take home their final projects where they can share their discoveries with family and friends and delve further into the field. The program is primarily utilized in schools but can be hosted in community centers, museums, hospitals and other venues as well.

Keysight After School is a hands-on science program for children between the ages of 9 and 13 years in communities where the company has a presence. Keysight After School features 23 different hands-on life, physical and earth-science experiments designed as complete “programs-in-a-box” with all the materials needed for students to implement various science-based experiments.

You can read more about Keysight’s work here.