Kyndryl recently announced it would partner with One Tree Planted to plant 88,449 trees around the world.

Kyndryl works with a large client base to design and manage important technological systems around the world — ensuring these operations run efficiently and securely. The trees represent the company’s broader commitment to sustainable technologies and cutting emissions. With these initiatives, Kyndryl aims to increase efficiency and reduce emissions in its operations.

This program aligns perfectly with our Kyndryl values. The roots of trees provide strength to grow tall and strong, but we know they don’t act alone. Their roots intertwine to create vibrant ecosystems that support a diverse array of life around them. Every tree represents a Kyndryl, the people who work with our customers at the heart of progress, powering the vital systems that keep entire industries moving forward.

You can read more about Kyndryl’s work here.