Immigration reform is vital to attracting top talent and providing equitable access to unfilled opportunities in the United States. 

As the U.S. economy creates tech jobs faster than Americans can fill them, immigration reform can help to fill tens of thousands of skilled job openings that exist today, while accelerating the creation of new jobs and knowledge-driven businesses. ITI is a leading advocate before the U.S. Congress and key federal agencies for immigration reforms that improve the ability of U.S.-based companies to recruit and retain highly-skilled foreign graduates and professionals who bring fresh perspectives and ideas that drive the innovation economy.

The technology industry provides a bridge to a global marketplace, with the U.S. serving as a prime destination for attracting technology innovators and entrepreneurs from other countries around the world. Working to develop immigration reform that enables the kind of innovation and job creation that fulfills the demands of tomorrow’s economy. Supporting effective reforms that will make it easier for the world’s best talent to work in the U.S. alongside the innovators, entrepreneurs, and talented individuals in our domestic workforce.

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Good policy supports immigration reform that successfully meets the demands of a globally competitive, digital economy by updating the H-1B visa program. It means advancing legislative proposals that reform the employment-based visa program and finding a legislative solution for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients.